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Blatchford Malmö is Live!

Ever wonder how urban living can address the challenges of sustainability, quality, affordability, and modern design all in a single development? Introducing Blatchford Malmö–a new, 25-unit residential community in Edmonton’s Blatchford district, the largest carbon-neutral community in Canada.

Blatchford Malmö’s stacked townhouse and loft units are highlighted throughout the building’s distinct Scandinavian-inspired design, featuring a minimalist expression rooted in simplicity and functionality. It is a modern interpretation of a traditional brownstone townhome with a recessed dwelling unit stacked below a larger family-style townhouse unit. The building values simplicity in material and detail and creates a front door presence on the street while creating a private street wall facing the internal park space.

The development pushes the standard townhouse typology to provide interior and exterior opportunities that support community gathering. Blatchford Malmö’s design creates subtle thresholds to define private amenity space from the public realm intuitively. Dwelling units provide a sense of occupancy through large transparency and private amenity space via balconies and terraces. The second-floor private amenity courtyard provides an additional sense of occupancy on the laneway elevation, encouraging activity and social connection.

Blatchford Malmö is a model of sustainability, powered by Blatchford’s central geothermal system and featuring green initiatives such as EV chargers with each parking spot.

Developed by Common Ground Properties Ltd. and built by Rescom Construction, Blatchford Malmö is a ‘made in Edmonton’ solution.

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