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GEC Announces Four Senior Associates

July 21, 2020

We are excited to build and grow the GEC leadership family to ensure we are well-positioned to continue providing the best creativity and talent in our design services. Please help us recognize the contributions of four exceptional design professionals that we are proud to announce as Senior Associates:

Gillian Carr is an accomplished project leader, designer and collaborator, skilled at applying innovative principles and perspectives to large-scale projects. She believes each project requires unique ideas to be successful and enjoys the problem solving that is inherent in bringing these ideas to life. She is a problem-solver who is motivated by people and is most proud when the space makes a difference for the people who use it. Gillian specializes in educational, recreational and community facilities and will continue to use her skillset to apply innovative principles and perspectives to GEC projects.

Adrian Benoit is passionate about creating and accomplishing a vision for his clients; he has developed an in-depth understanding of creating engaging public environments that bring people together. Adrian believes exceptional design comes out of a collaborative process that generates thoughtful ideas and asks tough questions. He is especially proud of the affordable housing projects he has been involved in as they empower families and have a lasting social impact on the community. Adrian specializes in multi-family residential and recreational facilities and will continue to use his expertise to contribute to the skyline, provide homes and create engaging and vibrant communities.

Lacey Pearn is committed to the idea that space matters and that beauty and function are intricately related and simultaneously achievable. She understands the impact space has on people and is always looking for new ways to improve the lives of the end-user through functionality and aesthetics. Lacey is determined, detail-oriented and thoughtful and believes the most rewarding aspect of her job is the relationships formed during the design process. She knows that communication is key to a successful project, and her approachable and professional nature puts clients and user groups at ease. Lacey has been GEC’s interior designer for over eight years and will continue to bring her design concepts to life resulting in a high-quality product.

Richard Blouin is a strong problem solver and has proven successful at developing creative solutions on a wide range of complex design challenges. He is motivated by bringing ideas to life; creating a vision and then manifesting it into an actual building. He enjoys creating something new and exciting; a building that creates open spaces and better circulation and productivity for its users. Richard brings expertise in working with various post-secondary clients and their stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that meet their specific needs.