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New Outdoor Fields at the Genesis Centre Now Open!

The Genesis Centre’s two new multipurpose fields (one natural, and one artificial) create new outdoor recreation opportunities for residents, fosters and encourages youth sports, and presents more opportunities for community members to come together.

The new artificial turf field is the first of its kind for the northeast quadrant of Calgary. Artificial turf significantly extends the playing season compared to natural turf, with the ability to be used earlier in the spring and later into the fall. Users can play a variety of field sports, including lacrosse, soccer, football, and field hockey. It will be the only artificial turf field that is accessible to the public when it isn’t booked. The project also includes upgraded lighting, seating, and a walking track around the field’s perimeter.

This community feature has received tons of excitement from residents, and we echo that excitement. Grab your gear and get ready for spring/summer 2022 as the field opens up for community use!

Listen to other benefits of this fantastic amenity and how to book the field from Sherry King, executive director at the Genesis Centre by watching the CTV video here.

Photo 3 Credit: Wilco Southwest Contractors Inc.